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Structured financial solutions for renewable energy development

About Us


Global demand for electricity continues to grow. Seventus believes that clean, affordable, renewable power is an essential element of the sustainable global energy future. Through innovative structured capital products Seventus seeks to support domestic energy development and help propel the significant growth opportunities that exist in today’s energy markets.

Seventus aggressive and customized products are designed to enable experienced regional and medium-sized developers to maintain control of and maximize returns on their projects. We empower our partners with the financial and credit tools already available to their larger competitors.



Development Financing

  • Loans from Seventus to project companies
  • Joint ventures to establish Seventus as an active at-risk developer
  • Seventus exclusive rights to arrange the construction and term capital

PTC Safe Harbor Qualification

  • 500 MW of safe harbor qualified equipment
  • A limited number of structured partnerships available to support Safe Harbor project qualification 

Construction/Term Capital Arrangement

  • Construction loans
  • Sponsor equity
  • Tax equity
  • Mezzanine debt

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