Tim Rosenzweig

Seventus co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rosenzweig brings more than 25 years of financial and executive experience, primarily in the renewable energy sector. Mr. Rosenzweig previously served as co-founder and CFO of FirstWind, a leading wind power developer. He also served as CFO of SolarReserve, a leading global developer of utility-scale solar power projects. Prior to his role with SolarReserve, Tim was the CEO of Goldwind USA. Tim holds a BS in civil engineering from Johns Hopkins and an MBA from Columbia. 

Andy Evans

Andy Evans is Seventus Vice President of Business Development. Andrew brings 10 years of renewable energy experience to Seventus. He was previously the Director Commercial Transactions for Goldwind USA, the North American subsidiary of Goldwind Group, a leading global wind turbine manufacturer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Carleton College.  


We provide innovative renewable energy development and financing solutions, improving the environment while creating economic opportunity in our communities.


 Pivoting towards a clean energy future 


We are Creative  

  • We solve problems 
  • We find innovative solutions  
  • We are confident in doing what has never been done

We take Ownership in all that we do

  • We take initiative 
  • We are accountable, responsible and reliable 
  • We make decisions like owners 

We Manage Risk

  • We openly discuss concerns and fears 
  • We take prudent risks 
  • We proactively manage risk  

We aspire to Excellence   

  • We honor our obligations and commitments 
  • We consistently deliver, and strive to over-deliver  
  • We focus on outcome/results  

We are Visionary thinkers 

  • We fuel growth and innovation 
  • We shape a better future 
  • We embrace and promote change 
  • We drive market evolution 

We are stewards of the Environment     

  • We strive to sustain the environment for future generations 
  • We recognize the value of the earth’s natural resources 
  • We do our part to shape a sustainable future

We value Community  

  • We value a transparent culture 
  • We respect and inspire each other 
  • We demand an inclusive working environment 
  • We are unafraid of failure  
  • We smile & have fun